Friday 25 June 2021 (and others in the future)

Data Hackathon
"Become an analyst"

See data analytics the way it's done for real clients

According to HR surveys, data analytics/research positions are the highest growing segment with the best salary prospects. However, even with the covid situation and teaching limitations, candidates lack the practice, knowledge and experience to solve real data problems. This hackathon will give them to you (and you'll still have a great time).

Why participate in a data hackathon?


(and those who would like to participate in the future)

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Hackathon topics

We have selected the scenarios from typical tasks we have solved ourselves in recent months, you will be working on "real" (anonymised) data, our experts will play the role of real clients and it will be entirely up to you how and with what tools you solve them (you don't have to use Tableau and Keboola, e.g. Excel and PowerPoint will also suffice). You will of course have expert help at hand.

1. Pairing products and resolving discrepancies

The client downloads data from the web and matches it to its internal dials. Suddenly it encounters nonsensical outputs - some data is missing, others are linked incorrectly. Can you get your bearings, find out where the inconsistencies are and propose a workable solution?

2. Stock reduction analysis

Help a large industrial manufacturer get rid of unnecessary material in their warehouses, free up space and save tens of millions of crowns based on data about their inventory and stock movements, using simple visualizations.

3. Identification of products in photos

The international aggregator of millions of car offers needs to find out which photos in the ads show the car (and from which angle), not, for example, text or people. Can you do this more accurately than others?

Who is the event for?

The hackathon is designed especially for graduates and students in their final years of university and junior applicants for a job in data analytics. However, we also welcome anyone else who is considering, for example, a career change and would like to work with data.

What technology?

The ability to work with data is assumed, the actual tools and technology are up to you. We will make Snowflake, Keboola and Tableau available on site for free and provide short training for those interested.

How will it work?

You will be given a more detailed proposal in advance so that you can think about solutions. We will tell you all the details and make the data available to you at breakfast in the morning. You choose a topic, split into teams if necessary, and in the evening show us what you have done for the day.

How big are the teams?

Depending on the number of participants and their experience, you form teams of 1-3 people, always so that you don't "drive" but you always have to be the real solvers. So be sure to recommend registering for the hackathon to your friends.

What about snacks?

There will be plenty to eat and drink all the time. If it's nice, we'll prepare a barbecue on the roof, and in the evening after the winners are announced, we'll have a small party where we can get to know each other better. 

What will the prizes be?

We have prepared material and useful prizes and gifts worth over 20 000 CZK, no successful solver will leave empty-handed. The main thing you will take away will be new knowledge and experience, and the best ones will also be offered a job or a part-time job if they want.

What about covid?

We are counting on the measures that will be in force at the time of the event. We assume that any participant who has not yet had a vaccination will have a mandatory antigen test on site before the event.

When and where?

The first date is Friday, 25 June, 9:00 - 19:00

Register now, even if the time is not convenient for you, we will add more dates in the coming months depending on interest.

Place: 249 Pobřežní Street, Prague - Karlín

For those who would be too far from us, we can try to prepare an online hackathon, if there are enough people interested - let us know in the registration.

Afterparty: on the roof from 19:00


Participation in the hackathon is free

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